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High quality workouts tailored to your needs

Our team of talented, well-trained and creative instructors are available to work with you on a private basis and are happy to schedule individual session.

Customised training


With your goals in mind, we capitalize
on your strengths and help you
overcome weaknesses. We will deliver
the results you want to see and most
importantly feel.

Any class intro

Any class

Finding out what is best for you, getting
acquainted to any class workouts we
offer with one of our instructors.
Pilates and yoga, Bosu & Fluiball, TRX
and Barre and much more.

Injuries and pain relief

Injuries and
pain relief

Our instructors have experience of
injuries recovery. They will also help
you fix long-standing muscular or
postural imbalances by improving your

Contact us with your requirements and goals and we will recommend a teacher or team of teachers perfectly suited to help you. Email or via the button below.